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Ultra4 Ultimate Motorsports Challenge at the Badlands

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Monster Energy drivers Shannon and Wayland Campbell, headed to Indiana for the Ultra4 UMC Gran Prix at the Badlands.

Inconvenienced by some “minor” burns Shannon had doctor’s orders to stay out of the car until the wounds healed to avoid infection. The plan was to put Wayland in the car hoping to maintain the national points lead. In order to do this, Shannon would have to qualify and start the race. Ripping out a 45 second qualifying lap time, 5 seconds faster than the next competitor, would put the #5az on the pole where it needed to be.

Taking the green flag with aggression, Shannon drove the first ¼ mile to the pits to make the driver change. Wayland took the wheel losing only 3 positions. Heading into his second lap he got hung up in the first rock section and struggled for close to 10 minutes before finally breaking free. Dropping back to 22nd place, Wayland quickly worked his way back to the front of the pack. Keeping it smooth, dodging water holes over 4 feet deep, sliding through the mud and the trees Wayland closed the gap on 1st & 2nd with 2 laps left. He made the pass on Erik Miller and Derek West who both had mechanical issues, then made a clean run up the hill that had claimed the fate of many cars throughout the day.

The last lap was a hair raiser, walking away with the lead, the brakes had faded to nothing, no radio communications, and the mud & water were taking a toll on the Monster machine. The last two climbs were blocked by lap traffic and with no time to waste Wayland tried an alternate line getting stuck, luckily competitor Nick Nelson who had suffered a broken A-Arm assisted him and sent him to the checkered flag for his first ever Ultra4 win. The smiles on Wayland, Shannon and Nick’s faces were priceless!