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Team Wandahsega continues top finishes!

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Our 3rd event of the season was held in St. Ignace, MI in conjunction with the annual car show.

Our team was excited to run in the bigger classes with new rear 39.5 cut tires. We entered 3 classes this time, Open, Modified, and the Big Tire D.O.T. class.


Open class was first up, had 9 trucks, including 2 rail cars, and some other pretty intimidating vehicles. The track was prepped really nice, very little standing water, perfect for some fast times. With the new cut tires, the truck hooked up really hard off the line, huge difference from the other ones, we ended up making 2 good passes, with a combined time of 9.642, good enough for 3rd place! We were really surprised to place in this class; there were a lot of fast trucks, including nitrous and injected motors.

Next up was Modified, 13 trucks total. Again a lot of fast trucks! Still running the cut tires, the lanes were getting blown out, enabling us to pick up some speed. The truck ran perfect and straight, with a combined time of 8.702 we took the top spot, 1st place! Picked up almost a full second in time from the previous class.


Last up was Big Tire D.O.T., only 8 trucks made the call, a few broke in earlier classes. We had to change the rear tires back to the regular non-cuts, which made about a 3 tenths of a second difference in our times. The truck slowed a little to an 8.97 combined time, still good for 3rd place!

Our next race will be back at 3 Fires Off Road Park for round 2 of the Triple Truck Challenge on July 20th.