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Motive Gear Announces a New Gearset for the UAZ Portal


Motive Gear proudly announces a new 2.77 ratio ring & pinion for the legendary UAZ truck. The standard rotation gears have 10 ring gear bolts with 25×9 tooth count and are manufactured with SAE 8620 carbon steel. Every gearset undergoes an extensive 40-step computer regulated heat treatment process and full spectrum lab testing to ensure that all quality standards are met. Most importantly the UAZ ring and pinions are designed to withstand a massive amount of torque.

UAZ is a legendary Slavic automobile brand. From the very beginning, UAZ concentrated solely on the production of off-road vehicles for public use. UAZ vehicles have gone from the Caucasus Mountains to the Arctic Ocean, and the Carpathian Mountains through Siberia to Kamchatka. Seeing the demand for quality parts in Russia and Eastern Europe, Motive Gear took on the initiative of manufacturing the highest quality UAZ drivetrain components!

What makes Motive Gear and Motive Gear Performance ring and pinions so durable is the heat treatment process they undergo. It involves a lengthy proprietary anneal heat treatment and oil quench to remove internal stresses from the steel, while temper hardening the surface of each gear, and using high-strength steel alloy with a preload of 0.015”. This heat treatment creates a core hardness that allows the gears to be cut more precisely, within a tolerance of 1/1,000th of an inch. The cutting process is engineered to provide optimal spiral and face angles on the tooth of each gear. The precision angle cuts insure the proper meshing of the gear edges on both the ring and pinion gears in order to transfer the maximum engine torque possible.

Thanks to our QC department’s acoustical test lab, we are constantly making improvements to gear tooth counts, pinion depth recommendations, and all angles, to reduce noise. We continue to discover and refine gear ratios to produce some of the quietest performance gears on the market. By reducing the noise measured in our state of the art acoustical lab, we can reduce friction between gears. These improvements help to insure that all of your vehicle’s engine torque makes it to the street.


APPLICATIONS: UAZ Portal assemblies – UAZ 469 and UAZ 3151.